Product What?


Product Camp Belfast 2019 tickets are now opened! Yay! But what exactly IS a Product Camp??

The inaugural Product Camp Belfast was run on 4th May 2018. It opened with an enthusiastic if slightly confused, group of about 100 Product and Agile advocates ready to have an exciting organic ‘unconference’ day.

Product Camp was started by Rich Mironov in Silicon Valley in 2007 as a free event by the Product Community and for the community, with no formal speaker format, and all attendees being active participants in the day. It rapidly expanded to Austin, and then Boston. Today Product Camps can be found in many major cities around the world, including as of last year … Belfast!

So what exactly do we mean by the phrase ‘unconference’ and ‘active participant’? Essentially this means that on the day anyone can propose an ‘activity’ to run or talk to give. At the start of the day suggestions are captured on pieces of card and put up on a wall. Attendees can then vote on what they wish to see.

Lean and organic sessions are encouraged, rather than traditional slides and speaker format for the whole day. This means many different formats can be experienced. For example, debates, discussions, workshops, sketch sessions. You name it – if the attendees vote for it – we can make it happen. This is a day to find your tribe, learn some cool new stuff, experience therapy and recharge your product batteries.

Last year in Belfast we had various formats such as open discussions, post-it’s notes on tools, and talks amongst others. This year – we want an even broader range of topics and formats.

So – now that you know what Product Camp is – do you want to know how you can get involved?

  • Check out the website for info and inspiration
  • Sponsor the event
  • Volunteer to help us run it
  • Propose an activity/talk in our trello board beforehand to help generate interest in it
  • Vote on a talk you want to hear on the trello board
  • Or sign up to get a ticket

And follow us on Twitter for more information in the lead up to the big day itself.

Alison, Emma, Steven

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