What is ProductCamp ?

ProductCamp was started back in 2014 as a “un-conference” for product professionals. By un-conference, it means that ProductCamps are in many ways like traditional corporate conferences, except that:

  • Generally, ProductCamps are free
  • ProductCamps are put on “by-and-for” the people who go
  • At ProductCamp, there are no passive “attendees,” there are only active “participants,” meaning everyone is expected to contribute in some way (e.g. presenting, volunteering, setup/teardown)

ProductCamp was started in Silicon Valley by Rich Mironov, and followed up by Austin, Boston, and many other cities.  Today, you can find thriving ProductCamps in many cities around the world including London, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, and many more.


What is ProductCamp Belfast?

Started in 2018 by Emma, Steven and Alison, it got such a response from the attendees that they have decided to run it again on 3rd May 2019.  In 2018 there were just over 80 attendees and this year we are hoping for 100 passionate people will join us for some great discussions and knowledge sharing.

Some of the previous topics

  • MVP – How do you find out the true one
  • How to measure a good product delivery
  • How to make your engineers product people
  • Delivery: Is yours optimised for business or for productivity
  • My agile transformation failed.  Why did this happen
  • User Need Vs Business Need

Some of the nice things people have said

As a software engineer I’m more inspired to invest time into “not coding” and have a better arsenal of reasoning to argue for it

Great to hear an engineer/CTO buy-in and enthusiastic about “making engineers” product people

Great mix of disciplines and perspectives, will come back

Great “Chat breaks” with time to meet people and discuss ideas

How can you get involved ?

We want to support and represent all 
of our community, and are looking for like minded sponsors to help us out with

  • Lunch
  • Photographer
  • Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Afterparty food and a few beverages

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these items, please get in touch.